A Day in the Life of Grey Light

Hello Everyone! My name is Nichole, I’m Jon’s business partner and the behind the scenes of Grey Light Media. Though I’m new to this industry particularly, I’ve been running my own private business for years, so Jon brought me on to Grey Light to assist with getting a footing in the Bloomington Area.

Jon has been in the Cinematography industry for years, producing work that blew me away and captured my attention, so partnering with him felt like a great opportunity not only for me, but for what we could do for clients in the Bloomington Area.

Here is where I will be sharing short stories of couples we work with, the interesting things that happen while we work, and the interesting struggles of creating and starting a business.

I do hope that each and everyone of you that reads these messages from us here at Grey Light Media can enjoy the fun, and hopefully even allow us to capture the memories of your events! We hope to deliver a cinematic experience that we are proud to share, and proud to put our name on, one of which you are compelled to share with all those you love.

From us here at Grey Light,

Have a lovely day and let’s capture the memories!

Nichole H.

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